The Search for Antarctic Dinosaurs


The Search for Antarctic Dinosaurs (Grades 1-4): 

"Walker describes Dr. William Hammer's efforts to discover the first Antarctic dinosaur fossils in 1991. The text is choppy but straightforward and easy to read; engaging illustrations ably support the narrative. Details, including the expedition's preparations for the extreme cold and how the fossils were removed from rock, will appeal to young science fans."
The Horn Book Guide

“…In an easy-to-understand text, the book discusses Dr. William Hammer's discovery of Cryolophosaurus , a 190-million-year-old frozen crested lizard, in Antarctica in 1991. The straightforward presentation concisely discloses what led the team of scientists there and how the paleontologists went about their work. The book discusses their preparations, training, and techniques, and clearly conveys the dangers the expedition faced. The illustrations, done in crisp, bold colors, show the team at work and their discoveries.”  School Library Journal

Antarctic Dinosaur1Antarctic Dinosaur2Antarctic Dinosaur3Antarctic Dinosaur4Antarctic Dinosaur5

  ISBN 9780822567493 First Avenue Editions

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