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Deadly Aim: The Civil War Story of Michigan's Anishinaabe Sharpshooters

Deadly Aim More than 20,000 Native Americans served in the Civil War. Company K, of the First Michigan Sharpshooters, was the Union Army’s largest all-American Indian company east of the Mississippi River. Initially, Company K’s soldiers served as prison guards at Camp Douglas, in Chicago. Later, they traveled to Virginia, where they fought with courage and distinction in battles that included the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and the Crater. Deadly Aim explores the lives of Anishinaabe soldiers who were subjected to broken treaties, loss of tribal lands, and racism—yet served with honor and heroism in the line of duty.

“Walker provides an absorbing history of Company K, from riveting battlefield narratives and vivid accounts of horrors endured at Andersonville Prison to tales of poverty due to pension benefits denied. Students researching the role of Native Americans in the Civil War will find this a thoroughly researched, meticulously documented, and richly informative resource.”  Booklist, starred review

"Meticulous research and inclusion of historical photographs, maps, letters, and other Civil War-era documents, as well as the smooth integration of primary source quotes, provide a solid nonfiction target worthy of shelf space. However, it's the final chapter and epilogue recounting life after the war that give a human depth to the soldiers' lives and place this work squarely in the bull's-eye. Hits the mark."Kirkus


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