Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

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The first African Amer­i­can to break the col­or bar­ri­er in mod­ern major league base­ball, Jack­ie Robin­son was one of the great­est play­ers of all time. Forced to put up with angry, hate­ful fans and play­ers when he joined the Brook­lyn Dodgers, Robin­son’s strength of char­ac­ter and per­se­ver­ance allowed him to set the stan­dard for all future players.


Review for Span­ish edi­tion:  “Part of the Yo Solo—Biografias series, this easy-to-read biog­ra­phy intro­duces young read­ers to the life of Jack­ie Robin­son, the first African Amer­i­can base­ball play­er to play in the major leagues. This vol­ume is a Span­ish trans­la­tion of the orig­i­nal Eng­lish lan­guage book with the same title. Using a con­trolled vocab­u­lary, the author describes some of the chal­lenges, strug­gles, and tri­umphs of Robin­son’s life, from his child­hood years in Pasade­na Cal­i­for­nia, to his accep­tance as sec­ond base­man for the Brook­lyn Dodgers in 1947. Through­out the book, the author empha­sizes the adjust­ments and chal­lenges that Robin­son had to face as he faced and over­came the injus­tices and dis­crim­i­na­tion of white neigh­bors, base­ball play­ers, offi­cials, and spec­ta­tors. This biog­ra­phy would be use­ful for reports and inde­pen­dent read­ing in bilin­gual class­rooms or libraries.” (Chil­dren’s Lit­er­a­ture)

Jackie Robinson

writ­ten by Sal­ly M. Walk­er
illus­trat­ed by Rod­ney S. Pate
1st Avenue Edi­tions, Aug 2002
paper­back: 978–0876149041
48 pages, ages 5 and up

Span­ish edi­tion available

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