We are the Weather Makers: The History of Climate Change


We are the Weather Makers

We are the Weather Makers: The History of Climate Change, by Tim Flannery, adapted by Sally M. Walker

What reviewers said:
“Arguing that climate change and global warming affect us all and that we can be part of the solution, this comprehensive look at the issue includes a clear explanation of the mechanism of the carbon cycle, the role of greenhouse gases on Earth, historical instances of climate change and their causes, descriptions of effects on a variety of habitats, future scenarios and suggestions—both personal and global—about what might be done. An adaptation for teen readers of Flannery’s highly regarded and influential adult title (The Weather Makers, 2006), Walker’s readable and convincing rewrite follows the original organization but tightens up the text, shortening chapters and addressing the intended readers with action suggestions between each chapter. It includes new research and four examples of institutions and groups whose actions have made a difference in greenhouse-gas emissions. Endnotes and an extensive bibliography support the argument. A copy belongs in every middle- and high-school library.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Adapted by award-winning science writer Walker, this youth edition of Flannery’s adult title, The Weather Makers (2005), speaks straight to “the generation who will act on global warming” about the realities of climate change and the devastating consequences if humans don’t alter their behavior to protect Earth’s atmosphere, its “great aerial ocean.” The language is both blander and more direct than in Flannery’s adult book: an opening section originally titled “Gaia’s Tools” has been changed to “Earth’s Carbon Cycle and You,” for example. What remains are the lucid explanations of science, illustrated with numerous examples, including many chosen specifically for this youth edition; and each chapter ends with suggested ways that young people can reduce the carbon emissions in their homes, schools, and communities…. the comprehensive coverage of issues and urgent call to action make this a must-have resource for both school and public libraries.”  —Booklist

• Winner of Santa Monica Public Library’s Green Prize for Sustainable Literature, 2010

  ISBN 0763646563 Candlewick



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